The billboards with their fluorescent glow
In a City of dark bends
And dingy corridors;
The light flickered in its
Fragile case, sellotaped and glued
Tiny sparks like broken glass
In the sun.

I’m trying to hold my head
High above the waters
In a space punctuated with semi-colons,
Reeking of bitterness left by
Unfinished sentences with serrated ends,
Evaporating into a jailhouse
Of four walls.
I’m inhaling the same
Over and again.
Exhaling, a putrid mix
They have christened as
My resentment
Because you can cover up a mess
With a fancy drape
And pretend it is non-existent.

Flickering lamps of unsteady flames
Painting hallucinations on blank canvases
Of patchy whitewashes.
Behind peeling wall paints,
Peeps countless bundles of
Laughter, in fragments
Grievances and boredom
Collected like soot
And burnt out matchsticks.

I walk though empty rooms
In the darkness,
As the last light wanes


27 October 2016


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