Drunken questions
And unexpected answers –
Truth or lies?
Fleeting glances, hiding self
Blame games, deaths, heartbreaks

– I’m an asshole.
– You had your reasons to be.
– I’m not relationship material.
– …

George Carlin, of dark humor
Trips to Pune
Fears…constant fears…
The colour of tea when you pour milk
The sound of sugar in sachets
Your eyes, when you look at me
I. Need. To. Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. You.


Cigarette smokes, biryani, slumping down on the sidewalk

– Do you love her?
– I probably do…

The contrast between shock and calm.

– I know that I can never have that connection with women who have grown up listening to the kind of music I listened to after growing up. It will never be the same.

Am I going to lose you?
I am most definitely going to lose you…

– I should start being more apathetic.
– People who are, actually do seem to survive these days.
– But I cannot lie to myself.


Twisted humor, black humor,
Your humor makes me laugh anyway.

– The Joker, is an interesting character.
– Mmhmm? You want to be the Joker?
– He wanted to bring back the humor in people’s lives.

I’m not possessive, but it
When you speak of all those other women
Like you are not really here when you are with me…
I. Really. Need. To. Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. You.


Drunk people. Awkward moments.
I could have suddenly been transported to the 20’s.
Ditching the metro for a walk back home.
Park Street at night could be like Paris
Except those catcalling hawkers.
The sole of my shoe came off
Barefoot, gypsy, in shorts and spaghetti top
Do I look insane?
Cinderella lost her shoe as well
But she didn’t have her Prince walking her back home
No, you are not a Prince, don’t flatter yourself!
You’re the weird guy with big eyes and a head bursting with magic.

– You look like those religious people, walking barefoot.
– I’m used to this kind of thing. It’s actually fun.
– Of course it is. You are now free from the binds of society.

Society is restrictive. It wants me to follow a linear path.
But what if I want to run amuck in drunken circles and zigzags?
Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.


– Does drunkenness around you make you drunk?
– How is that?
– Acquired drunkenness.

Shops closing down. Hawkers scream. The looming museum.
I have always wanted to spend a night in there.
Or spend a night with you – your musk fragrance and gammexane hair…
I can taste you between my lips,
You linger between the folds of my skin,
Our naked bodies were sprawled between the orange sheets.

– ‘I’m singing in the rain…’

There is no rain, though.

– ‘…Such a glorious feeling, I’m happy again…’

Are you, really? Have you been completely happy? Ever?

– Look at you hopping along the roadside…

Affectation, was it? Maybe you are the reason for the spring on my heels…
You are the reason.
You know it.


– Your thoughts are kinda childish.
– No they are not!
– Yes they are!
– But I am pure evil.
– You just want to be noticed. You want to be known.
– Batman hid his real identity…
– But Batman as the persona was famous…

Maybe I could walk the entire night
With you
But journeys and dreams come to an end
And you wake up with sands in your eyes
Or underneath your feet…
We’ll meet again, I know.
We will, right?
When I hold you close,
Your musk fragrance.
Your gammexane hair.
You bizarre, crazy, apathetic asshole!
Why do you always have my back?
Why do you always pull me out?
Why am I worth fighting for, really?
Your whims are like dandelions
And your fractured laughs put back
All my broken pieces together.
I. Desperately. Need. To. Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. You.



29 August 2016


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