Skyscrapers and sea waves
Of lilting evenings bathed in drizzles
That splattered all day long.
And on the top of the world, we stand
Talking of great falls, and greater divides
And Starry Nights.
Of neon lights and fireflies in distant lands
And endless roads, waiting for journeys
To unfold.

Stories untold,
Sprawling all over, like episodes through your eyes.
And smiles.
And sighs.
Like the world that lay before us, washed of all
Its cynicism written on blue ink,
I tried creating newer words out of the sodden heap
To show you, that for a phoenix to rise
You needed to be sure of the fire you were allowing,
To devour you, through and through.

Were you ready yet, to burn yourself anew?
Of all remembrances and vestiges
That pulled you down into mires of despair;
Your intoxicating breath, mingled with
Clamouring thoughts in whispering strains.

It was strange, of how
I could count the stars, but not the unsaid words
You translated as
Your parted lips
And broken thoughts
Met with mine, halfway through the fleeting time
Of unaccounted
And for a while, I know not how, but




26 July 2016


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