I miss the dark corners sometimes
I still do…
But how I had created it – piece by piece,
Bright coloured walls with kaleidoscope prints
And drapes, floating like feathers
Reflecting varied shades at different times of the day.
All weren’t to my liking, but I could manage;
I could do with the swift changes as long as I
Was in control.
This went on, till I had memorized
Each shade by heart –
The blues didn’t bother me so much;
The reds didn’t sting me anymore;
And the greens…they were creepers climbing in
Through my porcelain windows as I lulled myself to sleep.

At night, the stars would creep in and tangle themselves
In the stray corners of my dimly-lit contours,
Illuminate the tiny specks of dandelion dust.


A homeless moth, came sailing in
Through a careless crack by the southern pane
When I was looking out for something else in vain;
Maybe trying to mix my colours in a palette
And somehow, the blend turned into a dull gray…
The darkness soothed my eyes, calmed my brain.

My dainty festoons were abruptly inconsequential
Trifles, mere trifles, to divert me from the more important affair
Of growing inward, getting closer to my self;
The richer inner realm with secrets buried deep in
Secrets, which darted from the corners of my caffeine-induced eyes
Sunbeams, afraid of their radiance to drill a hole through
The portals like gnawing weevils.

As darkness does, so darkness did
And my eyes, accustomed, loved to explore

I chose the stars over the fireflies, because the latter was merely
A tinsel replica that could never match up to the light of my night.
Although…a voice kept telling me, that fireflies were real
And the stars…long dead…an illusion
Mimicking reality.


You were my dream, wrapped in cellophane paper
I didn’t let you breathe or feel the way
The Sun is harsh sometimes,
As will be the Rains…
In protecting you, I had pushed you further into the jaws
Of the Big Bad Wolf
And you were Little Red Riding Hood,
Not knowing what danger looked like in disguise.
Why couldn’t we shut ourselves forever?
The world outside, is too cruel my love;
It will tear us apart, one dream at a time
As your stardust fades into the melancholic night……

I must shut the door, shut the door
And let the creepers grow into the core.
Let the ghosts remain in the attics,
Skeletons, locked in cupboards
Let the banshees shriek till they lose their voice;
The spells have lost their potency
So let it crumble –
From where it all began,
To where it will end.
29 May 2016


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