She was captured
Smiling, in the frame.
Her face, ablaze with radiance
Smile, dazzling with buoyancy

Or so you think.

For you didn’t see her, half a minute back
Leaning by the banister, looking down
In deep reverie
Eyes agape with despair
And an ocean, unbridled.
You didn’t see her unmanned locks
Thrashing, gasping to be salvaged
In the tornadoes of her inner maze.
You didn’t see her, hiccupping
In between two sharp intakes
Clinging on to the shreds
Of her unhinged state.

You saw her smiling photograph
That had erased her demons
In pastel shades
You could see the blurry outlines, though
Before they could utterly fade.

Conjecturing was easier that way.

17 January 2016


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