The morning after…
There was filtered sunlight
Through broken frames
And flashes of radiance
In its flimsy garb, of what remained.

We lay, tangled, in embrace –
Cinnamons and cigarettes
Bare arms sprawled on your
Waist; my lips swollen by you
Hungry caress.
I couldn’t tell, where I ended
Or you began;
We had merged, mingled and
Had each other engraved
With fanciful bite-marks and scratches
Running down your back
Like a tigress, I had devoured you
And yet, that did not satiate.

Your fingers trailed…
Tantalizing my flesh, exploring my scars
Like a traveler exploring terrains.
I had overlapped my shivers with shrugs
Too scared of ignominious silences,
Awkward first-times –
Scattered boxers and lingerie.

Yet the morning after
We lay naked,
Drenched with
Emotions and embrace,
Raw like scalding coffee
Sipped with unwashed mouths,
Stale from kisses and more cigarettes.
I smelled of your tousled hair
And you, of my late-night despair
Masked with French colognes
And chocolate milkshakes.


13 January 2016


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