Remember that day?
First week of solstice
With the meadows sprinkled
In sunshine and dew
And you, in your marmalade
Garb, startled by the soft crunch
Of brown leaves…

You looked so lost, arms spread
In languor, opal orbs searching
Answers to your unasked questions;
You seemed unperturbed
By the chaos around,
Of bumbling simpletons
Raving of mundane things.
For you sat there,
Weaving your mayhem
In circlets.

What were you reflecting?
With that incomprehensible smile;
Not a word escaped, not even
A half-eaten sigh
You were proud of the mask
You had chosen,
The people you had distanced,
So even in a crowd
Of thirty odd faces,
You didn’t seem lost
Left to your own device.

So why were you there?
With your pervasive eyes;
Why could you not let
Be a part
Of your contorted mind?
Of the truths that seemed like lies?
7 November 2015


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