My City
Dwells in me?
Or have I grown
Within its sordid veins,
Till I found myself.


Do I wish to
And decimate?
Upholster myself
Into a Diaspora
Of empty souls –
With meandering speeches,
Uppity colognes,
Nascent ideals?

Maybe, I’m just scared
Of bigotry,
Trickling through
Broken edges.

Four years hence…

I find my divided self
On the crossroads of
An unanswered
Question –
Of what I have come to?
Where do I belong?
Or have I crumbled?
To ease myself of the
Monstrous pain
Of self-doubt
Hammering within my recesses
In vain;

I am boundless.
I am beyond
The halves that make me a whole.

17 July 2015


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