You were Poetry, stirred, in a coffee mug;
Surreptitious memories,
Malevolent eyes.
Every sunbeam sifting through the cobweb mosaic –
You were Desire, wrapped, in April Sun.

Those dark alleys;
The curve of your neck, the lilt of your lips.
What lay between us?
Between unsubdued stillness, between harrowed spaces?
You were…

I dismantled you once, and over again.
You were Chaos, pounding, silently at my brain;
That point, when shrieks turned into muted stares…
I cajoled you;
You were Dewdrops, languid, in a Winter’s Tale.

Probing thoughts, answers to every phrase.

Living on fringes.
Kindled in flames.

19 January 2015


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