Glass Windows

There is a world beyond the glass windows

Have you chanced upon it any day?

There are colours beyond the glass windows

Still untouched in a way.

I have seen the world through the glass windows;

A different world it has been,

For the world beyond the glass windows

Isn’t like anything you have seen.


The world beyond the glass windows

Is not always the same.

When it Rains, the glass windows

Are splashed with pearls that melt away.

On other days of Summer,

A green caterpillar wriggles by

As I press my nose on the glass windows

Creating foggy mists with my sighs.

Autumn comes, and through the glass windows

I watch the leaves turn red and gold

Winter comes to the glass windows

With snowflakes new and old.


So passed my days by the glass windows

Until I was intrigued

To glimpse with my own eyes

How the real world was perceived.

I tried opening the glass windows;

They refused to give away

But I was adamant nonetheless,

Determined to have my way!

So I heave at the glass windows

Trying to open it as I stand

The glasses crack in an instant

Breaking on my tender hands.


With tears, I looked at the glass windows,

With tears, at my bloodied hands,

Limited, I realized, was my little world

Within the glass windows was my land.


                                                                                            7 June 2013


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