The Wait

And yesterday when the first drops of rain
Did cascade into my palm
There was an ecstasy I felt, amidst the lurking despondency;
With a strange sense of the calm.
So I knew, just because you are here now, that does not mean forever
The symphony that binds us as one, the next moment might be severed.

There was numbness I felt, and so familiar
Slowly taking over me,
Like the drops of water, akin a string of pearls
On the leaves of the bougainvillea tree.
And the warm sunshine after the shower, in all its smoldering, golden glow
Reminds me of those distant days, as I stood waiting for you by the window.

Remember that swing by the cerulean waters?
And how I used to adore
The way the gentle breeze, and your fingers did play
With my tresses as we lay by the shores?
Now as I walk alone by the coastline long, creating footprints on the sand
The waves, I know, will wash them by, like mine has been from your hand.

The Summers shall return, and so shall the Rains
By the balustrade I will stand.
Hoping still for that familiar touch;
That feel of warmth against my hand.
The seasons shall pass, but I shall wait; in the sunshine shall I lie,
While my heart unbound, like the warbling thrusts, with outstretched wings shall fly.

April 15, 2012


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