On passing by the woods
You might chance upon a sight
Of a million glowworms hovering
To the refrains of the night.
Like Hope they linger,
Momentarily though
But you know they are there,
Burnishing somewhere,
Deep down below
In that infinite abyss,
In the caverns of your soul,
Though all lights might extinguish,
These shall smolder;
Above all odds shall glow…

They merge within the night
Amidst the ambiguous haze,
Amidst the leafy bowers,
Amidst the spiders’ maze.
Entangled, and approaching
Its definite end;
That fierce inferno,
Though it ceases to glow,
The luminosity stays
Inspiring many more
To dream beyond desperation,
A life of Hope.

The glowworms, they ebb
Like a thousand diffused stars
They know they can’t match
Or be at par
With the blinding illumination
Of daylight stark
Or that immaculate orb
Reigning the firmament after dark.

And yet they are aware
That amidst the blinding light
Its their flicker that shall persist
Inspiring Hope in all eyes.
That scintillating Hope
Amidst the bleakest of nights,
Refurbishing the spirit
Like a phoenix to rise.

April 26, 2012


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