Purple haze, perplexing maze
And your fixating gaze…
Silken hues, expensive shoes
And your archetype views…
Though love is grave, do you still crave
To be thus enslaved…?
Pirouetting smoke, at midnight’s stroke
The wasted hopes…
Somber thoughts, convoluted knots
Of the future dot…
You loved in vain. Are you still fain
To live through the pain…?
Whistling kettles, your feet on the nettles
Ere the tender petals…
Compliant smile, that specious guile
You’ll know in a while…
Your love was blind, so were you entwined
In a snare of its kind…?
Bottles of sherry, we wished to be merry
Yet feeling contrary…
Tinseled dreams, encased in sheen
Doubts in-between…
Love and despair, and the doom that they share
You knew. Did you care…?
Misery’s stench, the moss swathed bench
The hapless wench…
Silence’s cry, the unanswered ‘why’s
Each day, I die…
You had so much to say, and so did I
The embers remained, molded of sighs…

December 11, 2012


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