The wind whispers through the cherry trees,
Lilt in the languid air,
The first rays of dawn
Spreading radiantly on the
Skin of the lonesome girl
Standing by the parapet
Tiled with pink; bare legs
With painted toes, listlessly combing
Her ebony stands;
The hazel eyes tell
She has not slept a wink.

The blare of the horn
Mingles with the rustle
Of the leaves. I wait
By the sidewalk
Yellow sandals on my feet.
Yellow sandals on yellow leaves.
My eyes behind my spectacles
How different would the vision
Be, I wonder were there
No spectacles on me?

The wineglasses were put out;
I poured half a glass for me
As I sip, I look through;
A world swathed, in a
Claret hue.
Looking above
There, the world seems

I bought a mask from
The fancy shop
To masquerade properly.
At least, I’m being me
Unlike those, who are
Masqueraded, yet wear no masks
It is Emerald, and Golden
Lavender, and Burgundy.
Only the hazel eyes are vacant,
Speaking stories unheard and concealed.

20 May 2013


2 thoughts on “Colours

  1. Awesome..I think soon school kids are gonna blame you wen ur poems will become a part of their syllabus 😀

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